Improving the performance of your business.

IT is a fast-evolving field bringing endless opportunities to improve the performance of your business – whether that’s from a fully optimised website through to better communications and connectivity or better security for your investment. We keep abreast of developments to bring you the latest technology, helping you and your business evolve in line with best practice.

Website development and management

An effective, well maintained website is essential for successful business – but with rapidly changing technologies and security risks, they can be challenging to manage and maintain. We’re able to help, whether you’re looking to create a new site from scratch or simply update and refresh the one you’re already using. Our services include:

  • Website Design and Build – optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • SEO optimisation, helping you stay competitive
  • Full analytics to give you real-time insight into performance
  • Website hoting and management including – but not limited to – blog posts, new pages, updates (analytics, themes, SEO and plugins)
  • Marketing/promotional material

3CX - implementation and management

Discover a new era of business telephony excellence with 3CX. As a dedicated partner and authorised 3CX provider, we can seamlessly transition your enterprise to the cutting edge 3CX communication platform and unlock a word of possibilities. Our expert team can implement 3CX across your entire organisation, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration that enhances interconnectivity at every level. From instant company wide deployment to personalised feature customisation, we make 3CX work for you. As trusted 3CX partners, we take the hassle out of software management, keeping your system up to date and perfectly tailored to your evolving needs.


Fast and reliable connectivity is essential for business efficiency and performance – yet speeds vary significantly – depending on where you’re based, what technology you’re using, and what you’re using it for. We use our knowledge and expertise to ensure the fastest and most reliable internet connection for your business, with our knowledge base covering fibre, cable, 4G/5G, satellite and leased lines. Full support is provided, from initial consultation to implementation and beyond.

You can check what speed you could get on the Openreach Website, or find out what services are available to you on the SamKnows Availability Checker.


The benefits of CCTV are obvious, especially when combines with a security alarm and security lights. Though we work across all technologies, we currently recommend the Unifi Protect System which uses a data network to connect powerful HD/4K cameras to a central controller which manages and records all footage. Working closely with you, we design, configure and implement a high performance and cost effective solution to meet your businesses needs


There is a recurring theme of exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities at the moment in cyber attacks known as “zero day attacks”. Applying patches, particularly critical fixes, in a timely fashion is one of the easiest ways to help keep your system safe from such threats. Where you have long intervals between updates, e.g. in business or mission critical systems, it is key to maximize the defences around those systems to reduce the risk of attack. We can use RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) software to automate the rollout of software updates, ensuring that any systems that may be vulnerable stay up to date. 

VOIP and unified comms

Reliable, high functionality communication is vital for businesses and today, there are high performance solutions, ranging from analogue PBX systems to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). With unified communications, we aim to integrate all your voice and data services together, helping people collaborate and communicate on one platform – easily, conveniently and cost effectively. Covering everything from phones, conferencing and messaging/chat through to CRM and accounting and time keeping systems, this is a fully scalable solution which delivers significant business benefit including enhanced productivity and user experience. At Marke Solutions, we partner with leading providers and manufacturers – including Gradwell and Cisco – to configure the best solution for your exact needs.