IT Management

Managing your IT
Reducing complexity, improving control.

Our focus is on creating easy to manage solutions which reduce complexity and improve control. In most cases, this involves using sophisticated tools which enable systems to be accessed remotely. These tools also generate critical data and metrics. This gives real-time insight into the health and status of the IT infrastructure, meaning it’s easier to manage and maintain.

Wherever possible, we design the IT infrastructure with ‘redundancy’ – in other words, protecting it from the most common and predictable failures. Where this isn’t economically viable we build-in provisions which minimise downtime recovery.

Our IT management services cover:

Documentation management

Here we use a variety of technologies and software to help you store, track and manage your information more efficiently, giving you greater access to and control of vital records. This includes:

• Structured Documentation
• Asset tracking
• Computer hardware
• Wireless
• Virtualisation
• Server hardware
• Licenses
• Certificates
• Secure password management
• Documentation frameworks.

Remote monitoring and management

We’re able to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure remotely, 24/7/365, giving us the ability to install updates, identify issues and undertake pro-active maintenance. This gives you better performance, security and peace of mind – and less hassle. We offer:
• Fully featured, secure platforms to remotely monitor endpoints
• Proactive issue resolution
• Discovery and inventory IT infrastructure
• Improved system uptime, performance and stability
• Increased service delivery efficiency – and reduced cost.

Offsite backup and disaster recovery

There can be many reasons why your business would be at risk from data loss. You could suffer a power failure, fire, office flood or even file loss due to human error. Either way, the result can be catastrophic. Having your data backed up offsite means you’re always one step ahead, while establishing a disaster recovery plan as part of your Business Continuity and Cyber Security strategy means you’ll be able to get back-up and running with minimal disruption. We have experience of working with SME’s to establish clear and robust strategies to avoid these mission critical issues and keep your business running securely. This includes:

• File, folder, and VM replication
• File, folder and VM backup
• Cloud services
• Disaster planning and recovery

Leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Kaseya’s Software, we streamline and automate IT processes, ensuring your systems are always up and running smoothly. Our dedication to cybersecurity is unwavering, and we further enhance your digital protection through our partnership with Hornetsecurity’s Altaro. With Altaro’s advanced security features and data backup solutions, your critical information remains safeguarded against threats.